Why am I running?

As a Calgarian and resident of Varsity I want to ensure the future of Alberta is strong.  My wife and I have three daughters and parents who are getting older.  

I am concerned about:

  • the economy and creating good jobs
  • education and preparing our children for future jobs in tomorrow's economy
  • health care and sustainably providing service, particularly for our aging population
  • the legacy of our debt

We need to address these issues now.

I am running for my family and the students, parents, teachers, health care professionals, seniors and all the working families in Calgary-Varsity who believe that we need to make a change and get Alberta back on the right track.


Why should I be your MLA for Calgary-Varsity?

  • I am connected to Calgary-Varsity. I live here.  I work here.  Our children go to schools here.  I am active in our community. I am able to make connections to a wide-range of Calgary-Varsity constituents. I believe that being a local candidate matters.
  • With over 20 years of business experience and political involvement, I have the background to be a strong representative for Calgary-Varsity.
  • I have a background in policy and developing new and innovative solutions with broad support.  The issues we are facing as a province are challenging.  As Co-Chair of the UCP Policy Committee, I led a grass roots process to identify solutions.  As your candidate and elected MLA, I can work with Calgary-Varsity constituents to identify and build consensus around innovative solutions to solve the challenges we are facing.




  • Jason Copping
    published this page 2018-07-27 13:32:15 -0600