What I stand for


Creating a better climate for investment and jobs.

  • Make Alberta more competitive
    • Eliminate the carbon tax
    • Reduce taxes
  • Eliminate unnecessary red tape and reduce the cost of doing business
    • Identify and eliminate regulations that no longer make any sense
    • Reduce the time required for government approvals
  • Create greater certainty for business


Building sustainable education and health care systems

We don’t need to spend more; we need to spend smarter. 

  • Focus on providing improved service and managing costs
    • Identify process improvements that drive greater efficiency while improving service.
    • Invest in new technology
  • Assess different delivery models
  • Improve linkages between post-secondary programs and industry to better ensure graduates have job opportunities and businesses have the workers with the right skills they need to grow.


Balancing the Budget

Both these ideas, improving the business climate to drive investment, economic growth and government revenues, and driving efficiencies to reduce costs in our most expensive sectors, will help balance the budget. 


Listening to constituents in Calgary-Varsity

  • Voters are more informed than ever before, and want to be listened to. My mediation skills prepare me to listen and find ways to bring diverse and creative ideas together into practical, relevant and effective solutions.  
  • I want to debate ideas and respect different voices: that’s how we develop innovative, common-sense solutions and build consensus around ideas that work. 
  • I am going to listen. The interests and concerns of residents of Calgary-Varsity need to be heard and represented in Edmonton.