What I stand for

Listening to constituents in Calgary-Varsity

  • Voters are more informed than ever before, and want to be listened to. My mediation skills prepare me to listen and find ways to bring diverse and creative ideas together into practical, relevant and effective solutions.  
  • I want to debate ideas and respect different voices: that’s how we develop innovative, common-sense solutions and build consensus around ideas that work. 
  • I am going to listen. The interests and concerns of residents of Calgary-Varsity need to be heard and represented in Edmonton.

Create JOBS, Grow the ECONOMY & Build PIPELINES

  • Implement the Job Creation Tax cut
  • Eliminate the job killing carbon tax and implement a Green House Gas reduction strategy that works
  • Cut red tape to reduce costs & speed up approvals
  • Support our energy sector through streamlining regulations and diversifying the petrochemical industry
  • Build pipelines through the Fight Back strategy

Calgary has the highest unemployment rate of any city in Canada – Statistics Canada

“The Job Creation Tax cut will lead to the creation of at least 55,000 new jobs.” – Dr. Jack Mintz, U of C School of Policy Studies


  • Maintain or increase health care spending in a publicly funded, universally accessible system
  • Consult with front-line AHS employees to improve services
  • Reduce surgical wait times to a maximum of four months
  • Enact a new mental health and addiction strategy and appoint an Associate Minister for Mental and Addictions
  • Create new long-term care beds & strengthen palliative care to shift from hospital to community-based home and hospice care

Albertans already pay for the most expensive health system of any province in Canada.  Yet they receive results that lag the results being achieved by the best-performing health systems in other jurisdictions.”  -The Alberta Auditor General, 2017


  • Maintain or increase education funding and build new schools
  • Broaden consultation on curriculum review
  • Focus on teaching methods that produce the best outcomes, such as phonics and proven math instruction methods
  • Ensure consent is taught as an essential part of the sexual education curriculum
  • Proclaim the 2012 Education Act, including the protection of GSAs and oppose “outing” of gay students (for more information – https://www.albertastrongandfree.ca/better-education-brighter-future/)
  • Increase the focus on skills for jobs through experiential learning

The UCP Education Plan re-establishes priorities that are of significant importance to the education of our children…Albertans should feel a great deal of optimism about the plan outlined by the UCP.”  -Dr. Martin Mrazik, U of A Faculty of Education


  • Balance Alberta’s budget by 2022-23
  • Maintain operating spending without cutting core services
  • Grow revenues by re-igniting the economy
  • Eliminate waste, duplication and non-essential spending; drive savings to front line services

“Debt servicing costs are expected to total $1.9 billion in 2018-19, more than the operating expenditures of most individual government departments…the picture gets grimmer over the next four years….” – Dr. Jack Mintz, U of C School of Policy Studies


  • The UCP has the most diverse slate of candidates running in the election with candidates from all different religions and backgrounds, including new Canadians
  • 40% of the UCP candidates are women


Visit albertastrongandfree.ca/policy/ to learn more about the 2019 United Conservative Party Platform!