"I have had the privilege of working with Jason for over 10 years during which he distinguished himself as a selfless volunteer and persistent advocate focused on strong and principled representation.  I know that Jason will bring these same strengths, and an unwavering passion for Alberta, as your chosen candidate for Calgary-Varsity.  I look forward to serving alongside him in the Alberta Legislature."
Richard Gotfried, MLA Calgary-Fish Creek


"I am pleased to see such a competent and capable person as Jason Copping running for the UCP nomination in Calgary-Varsity.  As President of my federal Conservative board and former Co-Chair, UCP Policy, I have seen Jason’s strong commitment to serving for betterment of the home he grew up in - Alberta.   I consider Jason a good friend and know he will be a great MLA for  Calgary Varsity."
Len Webber, Member of Parliament - Calgary Confederation


I’m pleased to support Jason copping in this important upcoming UCP nomination. Jason has a sharp sense of fiscal responsibility.  Jason also has a strong respect for all individuals and their views and beliefs.  He is a strong listener and will represent Calgary Varsity with integrity and compassion. 
Murray Smith, Former MLA Calgary Varsity and Former Minister of Energy

Greetings to the residents of Calgary Varsity!  I am supporting Jason Copping as the UCP Candidate in our riding, and I recommend you do too. Why? Because Jason has the right balance between being a strong fiscal conservative dedicated to getting Alberta’s fiscal house in order and being moderate on social issues. This makes Jason, his wife and three daughters just like so many of the families that live and work in Calgary Varsity. Jason’s focus is on the future - not on old arguments or divisive policies. Jason is committed to make our community and Alberta a better place with a strong fiscal foundation coupled with a strong social framework.  Thank you!                                      
Susan Billington, QC


I strongly support Jason Copping as our UCP candidate in Calgary-Varsity.  As the long-time Wildrose VP Policy, I feel strongly that to succeed, we need strong candidates who can unify conservatives and Albertans.  When I met Jason as fellow Co-Chair of the UCP's Founding Policy Committee, I was immediately impressed with his ability to bring disparate views to unity, to form consensus, and to approach all problems with a view that they are solvable, as long as we hear, understand and respect different points of view.  Please support Jason in his bid to be our UCP representative in the Alberta Legislature.
Tim Dyck, Former Wildrose VP Policy & UCP Policy Committee Co-Chair


Jason Copping's experience in the private sector, working directly in negotiating union agreements, has given him necessary "know-how" to be a very effective representative of Calgary-Varsity residents.  His demonstrated collaborative and organizational skills combined with his commitment to our community will ensure the voices of Varsity's citizens are brought to the forefront in the Alberta Legislature.  I strongly endorse Jason as the candidate of choice for Calgary-Varsity UCP!
Dr. David Chalack, Veterinarian and Past President and Chairman of Calgary Stampede Board


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